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the company is to serve every customer and enterprises, and since its establishment has received public attention and praise .  now has: the new Elantra, the Chinese Ming Shi, red, Mazda, Bora, Buick excelle, Jetta, refine business, lioncel, gold cups of bread. Dalian provided car rental, car rentals in Dalian, Dalian rental cars, car rental network in Dalian, Dalian car rental company, car rental Dalian, Dalian rental car, rental cars in Dalian, Dalian rental cars any good, Dalian tours. With driver to provide customers with Dalian City Office around the clock, and tourist attractions, station services. And vehicle insurance agent, carry out 24-hour rescue operation.

    the quality policy of the company "high-quality management, quality, service and seek customer satisfaction";  

     prices for the company's services market transparency, fair and reasonable;

     vehicles for the company's service performance, appearance of luxury, comfortable ride.

     customer, we always listen to our customers comments.

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