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Hangzhou taxi drivers per vehicle per month subsidy this year 250

Washington   of Hangzhou Municipal Government yesterday held a press conference to promote the healthy and stable development of taxi industry in Hangzhou City "13 policy measures" specific measures for implementation.

per vehicle per month benefits and relief

State oil tax reform came into effect today, in parallel with the abolition of road tolls and other fees increased in oil consumption tax unit tax. Hangzhou municipal finance has put the 25 million Special Fund by the city transportation authority by the Government oil subsidy approach, issued to taxi drivers, this year subsidy of 250 Yuan per car.

to install GPS satellite Locator taxi card system with the public, by installation of LED advertising on taxi advertising revenue, subsidizing taxi communication service charges, cancellation of 65 Yuan per month per vehicle communication service charges.

Government to the taxi company taxi, 100 Yuan relief per vehicle per month; self-employed households on taxi cab per car reduction 200 Yuan a month. Enterprises contracted vehicles who enjoy 100 Yuan a month per car (for the collection of linked management fees as the main operating mode, 10% cut management costs).

Hangzhou will also set up a taxi associations, the media, the transport sector c-level supervision and inspection mechanism. After February 10, the credit amount is not in place or are not fully in place, the driver may make a complaint to the media and Transportation Bureau 96520 line and the Transport Department the vehicle area.

brother sister to participate in the social security in the field

today, non-household registration in Hangzhou taxi driver may voluntarily participate in social security. Reference to individuals in their insurance fee basis, and may participate in workers ' basic old-age insurance and basic medical insurance for urban employees (for the new year's holiday for 3 days, 4th official acceptance).

specific treatment methods: bring your ID card and "service qualification" original and copies, nearest to the city or area approved by the social security agency to handle the insurance eligibility procedures; Hangzhou City, after the approval issued by the individuals in their insurance social security eligibility approved form and ID card, bank payment to Hangzhou.

basic old-age insurance payment ratio is 20%, base pay by me in the previous year, the province's average monthly wage of fully employed staff 80%-300% among themselves to determine if option 80% now pay 328.04; select 300%, you will need to pay 1230.15 Yuan.

basic medical insurance payment ratio is 9%, base pay determined in the last year the province's average monthly wage of fully employed staff and major disease Medicaid 3 Yuan per month. Medical hardship assistance 1 Yuan a month, voluntary participation by the insured. Current payment standard for 188 Yuan per month (including major illnesses Medicaid and medical assistance benefits).

the other three piers taxi service areas enabled yesterday

the service area is located in the North of Bauhinia road No. 399 Samsung taxi company, is the second train station, jiangdong road, shenban road, Wen San Road, East genshan road, Xiang JI SI road, Hangzhou taxi service of the seventh district.

in addition to meet the needs of taxi driver parking, eating, using the toilet, as well as providing extended services such as seat cover wash, change, taxi service is also provided with legal advice window with three piers, brother sister can make driving IC card and IC card check card services certificate, consultation with the transport regulations.

in addition, Shangcheng district service area in Fu Chunlu and yaojiang River started construction of the road block, and strive to put into use in the first half of next year. Xiaoshan airport service area is also in the planning and design.

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