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No grace period for second round tail number limit line driver prohibited will be fined 100 Yuan

Beijing's traffic control Department revealed yesterday Beijing tail number limit line on November 10 after a rotation, will no longer set the grace period. 10th date, license plate tail number is 5 and 0 motor vehicle when driving on the road, you will receive a fine of 100 Yuan fine.  

during the first round of tail number limit line, how many motor vehicle prohibited roads in Beijing? At present, the traffic control Department has not yet been published relevant data. But as far as Chaoyang traffic team statistics, traffic police penalties prohibited drivers on the road, Chaoyang District, with 605.

why not buffer?

from the drivers are familiar with the

11th tail number limit line official after the implementation of the initiative, the Beijing Municipal traffic management Bureau has set the first week to buffer, for the punishment of banned vehicles on the road is limited to "education, warning", was not fined. Based on this, the day before yesterday, a new tail number limit line programme was launched, the "do you want to continue to use the buffer period, from 10th to 17th and prohibited on the road is fine", and immediately become the driver's focus.

in this regard, the traffic control Department revealed yesterday that buffer initiative last month, is intended to make drivers adapt to the new changes, at present, the vast majority of drivers have been completely adapted "suspended one day per week", so "round", is no longer the single buffer stage. Moreover, tail number limit line a new round of "round number" scheme, the traffic control Department has released a week earlier, the day before the external drivers have sufficient time to adapt to the new changes.

do not stopped by the street be punished?

prohibited on the road tickets

prior to that, the traffic control Department has repeatedly said, electronic eye, mobile enforcement vehicles and other monitoring equipment, and number plate recognition systems, such as high technology, has the ability to find, lock violation of tail number limit line of vehicles, but many drivers are still sceptical about this, as long as not being stopped by the traffic police the streets, even if banned on the road will not be punished.

in this regard, the head of the Beijing traffic management Bureau said recently, not traffic police caught illegal drivers on the road, you will receive a non-penalty ticket, monitoring equipment such as electronic eyes have taken their illegal images. Tail number limit line in the first round of a non-law-enforcement data are registered, the driver can log on the Beijing Municipal traffic management Bureau website.

reasons for not adopting the calendar month?  

"round number" difficult months natural

after the second round of tail number limit line plan, many Beijing drivers that change on a regular basis, "fair and reasonable", the peak travel days such as Friday, there will be no vehicle was a "sealing"; but there are pilots that once a month, "too much trouble" not set in stone. Also driver is made, start date of regular numbers, calendar month should be used per month, from 1st to 30th, "from 10th to 7th of this month, two months, far inferior to natural mind".

in this regard, the head of the traffic control Department said that Beijing "tail number limit line" period from October 11 to April 10 next year, start date and end date are not natural, so regular rotation start date cannot be on a calendar month basis.


expert: "regular rotation" easily lead to fluctuations

newspaper news   (reporter Wang Shu) "tail number limited line has implementation one months, calm, most driver are has accept, then again adjustment limited line of specific content, easy raised owners of debate and fluctuations", yesterday, Chinese Academy of social sciences social policy research center researcher Tang Jun accept newspaper interview Shi said, single from policy learn angle,, for public general accept of policy, and system, functions sector of best select is "not added changes continues to implementation", "if to modified, must considered, And there must be adjusted to the policy itself. "

in his view, based on the current traffic situation in Beijing, the "tail number limit line" is one of the best slow the measure, so most drivers in Beijing can understand, cope with, according to stop days of personal life. However, if you change once a month suspended, many drivers to resize an individual lives every month, so will feel "to bother", such a result is not conducive to long-term policy effectively.

he said that any policy or system are impossible to guarantee "equal", "tail number limit line" If fixed, could hurt some of the pilot's interest. He suggested that drivers of loss of interest, government departments may adopt countermeasures to change license plate, "as long as there is sufficient evidence to prove that, which suspended its travel peak days coincide, you can change their license plates, personalized response, better than the policy adjustment".


driver Mr TSE: just used to stop date for the first time, rhythm of life and work to try to adapt it, you can immediately change, feeling some inconvenience, wrong day.

a specifically commentator of car: restriction policy involves one-fifth of Beijing's residents, such measures should be carefully considered, research, scientific planning and implemented after the hearing, otherwise it will give rise to unstable social factors.  

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