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Introduction of new energy automobile industry support policies are expected to the year

New energy vehicles in China by far the largest demonstration project – more than 500 vehicles "green" vehicles serve the Olympics have not been completed, encouraging industrialization promotion of new energy vehicles has been a government sector on the agenda.

yesterday the newspaper was informed by the members of the China Association of automobile manufacturers, supporting policy of new energy vehicles for comments is over, which will involve new energy vehicle tax concessions, if all goes well, policy is expected to be introduced during the year.

service games over more than 500 new energy cars to travel between the various Olympic venues, until the end of the Paralympic Games in Beijing will stop operating. Olympics are go-to-market opportunity for new energy vehicles, and automotive industry looked forward to for a long time policy "East wind" is blowing.

two days ago, Ou Xinqian, Vice Minister of industry and information technology, "the 2008 first China Green Energy Forum" stance, the Ministry and the national development and Reform Commission and Ministry of science and Technology Ministry is mulling new energy policies.

according to the person in charge of the Ministry of industry and information, at present China's inefficient use of energy resources, wasting energy is still very serious, vehicle fuel consumption per hundred kilometers than Japan by 20%, 25% higher than in Europe, for which countries will develop new energy vehicles.

Although OU Qian did not disclose the new measures, but this reporter was informed by the members of the China Association of automobile manufacturers, auto consumption tax adjustment programme in September after about tax incentives for new energy vehicles was brewing, such as no accident, incentives will be introduced during the year.

in fact, with global energy shortage, relevant government departments have begun to focus on new energy vehicle development and application of policy guidance.

in February 2006, promulgated by the State Council to support new energy automobile development files, and in the outline of the national medium-and long-term program for scientific and technological development (2006-2020) of the "low energy and new energy vehicle" and "hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology" into priority themes and cutting-edge technology. Last November, the national development and Reform Commission has established rules of the production admission administration of new energy vehicles. These domestic auto companies see hope for the development of new energy vehicles.

according to news sources, use of new-energy vehicles in public transport system will be the main beneficiaries of the preferential policies, especially the new energy bus.

"the bus is the new energy vehicle technologies in the field of the most mature market and most practical. "According to the new energy automobile experts, put into operation in Beijing Olympic Games 500 new energy vehicles, of which about 100 vehicles for passenger cars.

science and technology Minister WAN Gang said in an interview a few days ago, the next step is prepared by the Department of science and technology to push "ten thousands" of plans for new energy vehicles.

Wan said that in order to focus on large-scale production of new energy vehicles, for after four or five years time, annual car production will be 10% for new-energy cars.

major domestic independent brand car manufacturer's passion in research and development of new energy vehicles are still very high. BYD, Chery, brilliance Jinbei, Changan, SAIC, Dongfeng, Faw car companies have developed relatively perfect development strategy for new energy vehicles, production model has been on the production of automotive products announcements.

according to statistics from related departments, currently has released 27 companies 76 species including hybrid, electric, fuel cell and other new energy cars and passenger cars.  

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