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New vehicle registration code on October 1

"Suspicion of motor vehicle records were altered or forged, or vehicle identification number, engine number has Chiseled, wabu traces or unauthorized situations, will enter cars for suspected investigative procedures. "On August 30, was posted on the official website of the Ministry of public security in its newly revised code for vehicle registration (hereinafter referred to as the new code) and will take effect on October 1 this year. In the new standard for vehicle registration procedures, filing and rescinding the hypothecation of a pledge records, motor vehicle records, investigations of suspected vehicles vehicle registration link was clearly defined.

five suspected vehicles under investigation

reporter note to, in new specification in the clear pointed out that has, vehicles management the business post in handle motor vehicle registration and the related business process in the, has five species case one of of, will into suspected vehicles survey program: motor vehicle all ID ming, and motor vehicle origin proved, and certificate, and imports voucher, and vehicles acquisition tax-paid proved or duty-free voucher, and motor vehicle traffic accident responsibility forced insurance voucher, and plate, and driving card, and registration certificate or motor vehicle archives was altered or has forged suspected of ; Vehicles recognition code or engine number and was stolen Rob motor vehicle repository of similar type motor vehicle of records completely same, or digital completely same, or has was stolen Rob records of; vehicles recognition code, and engine number has chisel modified, and repair traces or unauthorized addition playing carved of; vehicles recognition code, and engine number and certificate, and imports voucher, and driving card, and registration certificate or motor vehicle Archives Records inconsistent of; and domestic motor vehicle whole car factory certificate verification system, and imports motor vehicle verification system than on, Information duplicate checking.

loss of registration certificate shall not withdraw file transfer

"motor vehicle turned out Hou registration certificate lost, and out lost of; motor vehicle turned out Hou for traffic accident, reasons replaced engine, and body or frame, and change body color of; archives information complete but exists registration matters errors, and archives information fill in, and print errors or not specification, and technology parameter not congruent situation of; April 30, 2004 yiqian registered of motor vehicle archives information not complete, by verified not belongs to was stolen Rob, and smuggling, and illegal spell (Group) loaded, suspected vehicles of ; Name endorsements into the DMV is not accurate, but within the same jurisdiction of the provinces, autonomous regions, and so on. Transferred to the immigration procedures on vehicles encountered more than a few cases, transferred to the DMV should be handled, and may not be returned. "Emphasizes the new specification, if transferred to the DMV that need to verify archive information, should be coordinated with the transferred out of the DMV. Go out to the DMV to DMV investigation shall, upon receiving the transfer request written material by fax within one day, transferred to DMV paperwork management.

in addition, the new code also made it clear that "motor vehicle sales units, markets, motor vehicle safety inspection agency, scrap recycling business establishments or units of motor vehicles agency vehicle registration services, external use 'XX vehicle registration service station ' name. Qualification and business for the Agency by provincial-level public security organs traffic management departments. " 

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