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"Unlimited purchase of restrictions on the use of" policy-oriented

This year's "Golden Week" period, the domestic automobile market there has been a wave of returning to the "bounce". Analysis of the industry, the "Golden Week" car boom is mainly because from October 1 this year, the owners can arrange the license plate number, which makes many consumers put off purchases in the "Golden Week" set to release.

in fact, in addition to outside owners can arrange the license plate number, on October 5, the Beijing Municipal traffic management Bureau the DMV has announced 16 new measures for traffic management services, including used-car transfer original owners retain the original number plate, apply for license plates will significantly shorten the time frame. In addition, when owners go through its services, holders, no longer needs to take account of this; self plate public unable to get license plate of the day, but you can receive a travel card. These new rules have taken solid steps to the humane management in, was also seen as an important measure to encourage automobile consumption. City make tube Council one head said, in addition, other this up enabled of service measures, more and motor vehicle main is closely related to: as handle license of time will sharply shortened, registered registration time by 5 a days shortened for 2 a days; application fill led motor vehicle registration certificate, replacement time by 15 a days shortened for 1 a days; in with car initial apply for registration certificate by 15 a days shortened to 5 a days.

it is reported that on October 6, the series number plates on the first day, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chongqing and other members of the public have shown an astonishing enthusiasm. The Beijing traffic management Bureau General suo, one family owner is selected, queuing for up to 3 days presses Jing NA9999, licence plate number, and immediately picked success. Even so, he failed to become the city's first start at the same time, Beijing traffic management branch, another people's fingers were a little faster, successfully elected the first "personalised number plates"-Jing NV8888.

analysis of the industry, make number plates of vehicles on auto sales will have a certain effect, but the effect is not very clear, after all, to buy a car for a satisfactory plate of consumers just a few. It can be said that make number plates of vehicles, shortening processing time and simplify procedures and other measures, is the embodiment of Government encourage automobile consumption policy. But on the other hand, Beijing as the growing traffic congestion and environmental governance has a long way to the city, restrictions on the use of it will become a guide for policy.

and "16 car service new initiative" is corresponding to the Beijing recently issued a new traffic management measures to reduce the effects of vehicle emissions on air quality, keeping traffic smooth. According to the new traffic management measures, beginning on October 1, Beijing municipal party and government organizations at all levels of public storage 30%, then press weekly suspended license plate tail number for one day. Within six months from October 11, community vehicles in Beijing will also be piloted by weekly suspended license plate tail number one-day measures. It is learnt that upon the full implementation of the new traffic management measures, Beijing suspended vehicles will reach nearly 800,000 vehicles a day. Police departments are expected within five loop road traffic will decrease by more than 6.5%.

this year during the Olympics and Paralympics, Beijing has odd-provisional measures were imposed on motor vehicles. This measure has improved the air quality in Beijing to ease traffic pressure. Statistics show that during the Olympics and Paralympics, Beijing concentrations of the main pollutants in the atmosphere fell by an average of 45%, for 10 years the highest level in history. Beijing urban speed is greatly improved, traffic jams are a good improvement.

after the Olympics, the "odd-row to not normalize" caused a lot of controversy in the community about the topic, car owners and car-free family tie, the public and that the public is justified, both sides. Finally, Beijing adopted a more eclectic approach, namely "license plate tail number suspended one day per week". In this regard, the Beijing environmental protection Bureau Deputy Director du shaozhong said the new traffic management measures are implemented, in addition to continuing to improve the traffic situation in Beijing, another important objective is to maintain good air quality in Beijing. "After the Olympics, the whole society especially the more and more people hope that Beijing's blue sky. In order to continue to improve the city's environment, especially air quality, consolidate our achievements and further the establishment of long-term mechanism of air quality improvements, we formulated the relevant measures. ”

according to Liu Xiaoming, Director of the Beijing Municipal Transportation Committee introduced, in addition to the new traffic management measures, Beijing will continue to adhere to the policy of giving priority to the development of public transport. "We want to accelerate the construction of dedicated bus lanes, bus lanes can form a network, constructed in the ground a quick public transportation system on the ground. And make the ground bus and car transfer and joint work, including further speed up the construction of the hub system, to facilitate members of the public between buses and subways, as well as transfer between cars and subway. "Liu Xiaoming said the next 5-10 year, over 7000 residential quarters will be opened in Beijing bus lines, by 2015 and total mileage of the subway traffic is expected to reach 561 kilometers. He said, hoping the momentum of these measures to control the rapid growth of motor vehicles in Beijing, Beijing's air quality and traffic situation continues to improve.

it is reported that around Beijing along the Center City rail transit and large-capacity fast bus station planning and construction of the car park and ride system, maintain a low price or free Park-and-ride charges policy, guide the car to transfer to public transport. At present, North taipingzhuang have emerged, such as "Park and ride", introduced low-price parking, private owners by subway records on the day, stopped a car charges 1. Will continue to promote private car owners change to public transport, and is expected to implement and free parking.

Beijing downtown parking fees will rise by news, October 8, Director of the Beijing municipal development and Reform Commission Zhang Gong gave a positive, and said the Center would introduce subregional charges, residents ' parking fees will not change. "Beijing will strengthen the total quantity control of motor vehicles, and actively implement traffic restrictions. "He said," raising downtown parking fees, is to play a price leverage, inhibit rapid growth of motor vehicles in Beijing, and optimize the structure of traffic, reducing downtown traffic flow and ease traffic congestion in city center. " 

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