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Traffic laws

Foreign driver's license to Chinese driving license

The Beijing municipal public security traffic management Bureau: the applicant must be in continuous residence abroad for more than 6 months, and in foreign countries, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan driver's license or international driving license within the validity period for the replacement procedures.

district and County transportation Admin advocacy section or to the DMV to receive the application form for a motor vehicle driving license;

medical qualified Hou, to where car tube points by inspection China passport and this city identity card or Beijing stay card; will foreign, and Hong Kong, and Macau, and Taiwan area license or international license translation into Chinese (name, and gender, and age, and sent card date, and sent card national, and associate driving species, and validity, and license number, content), translation people signed, translation people units sealed;

DMV receive a foreign, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan area copy of driver's license or international driving permit;

traffic regulations, road after passing the driving test to apply for the permit. Over 3 years in the driving, road driving test.  

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