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Bikers stories drive remind these violations to be ignored

"Don't don't know, check the jump. One year down, drive has 4 times the traffic violation records, ' books ' 12 points are at stake. "Recently, when to traffic Police Department when their licenses examined Miss Che Youzheng, break out in a cold sweat. "Usually drive me very carefully, some illegal, in fact, are not aware of such a provision at all.   "

running red lights, speeding, these illegal activities, riders are already familiar with, but the green light does not go down the highway without turn signals, these are traffic violations, but many people do not understand. Recently, the reporter interviewed a number of owners, their stories may be able to give us a lot of reminders and learn from.

Zhejiang A59W** owner: Miss Liu

violations: light time-varying channel

ignore index: ★ ★ ★ ★

"the impression is wrong when a traffic offence was in April this year. "Miss Liu tone of all that is full of frustration. "Red light ahead we must note that after you choose a waiting Lane, do not have unwanted thoughts. ”

Miss LAU that the "extra" is actually "". That morning, and drove to Miss Liu, qiutao Lu Jingtan road, through the car, was stopped by traffic police.

"when police say me illegal, I think that is very wrong. "After the police" reminded ", Liu realized junction three Inbound to waiting for a red light, when she's in one of the lanes of traffic stops, found adjacent to the driveway the car less, a direction to go to the car on the adjacent lanes, which are divided by a solid line between the two lanes open. "It was rush, see which lane, where lane really didn't notice the solid line. "For this, Miss Liu unwittingly ate a ticket.

reminder: the car was the solid line, change lanes, is actually a violation of signs and markings. Much easier to ignore the next lane. Remind you when the lights, a waiting lane selected no matter how much vehicle in a driveway, please be patient.

Zhejiang A202** owner: Mr Tang

violations: elevated breaking to jump the queue

ignore index: ★ ★ ★

jeepers, soup is a novice, and half the time to buy a car, drive has been steady. In the last days of 2008, Mr Tang has discovered, you already have a record of traffic violations, this time completely out of his expectation.

shangtang high violation was in the soup stand, wenhui road under the bridge near the mouth of North to South, violations are noted as: motor vehicle contravenes the marking instructions. "The record, I have been in the memories of the day through the site, thinking long and hard to remember that the high-rack had a queue. ”

originally, soup of the day to go to the station to meet relatives, when he drove under the wenhui road in front of the bridge, found elevated driveway lined up in long lines. See white stripes under the bridge before the ramp where the triage area, Mr Tang "mischief", more than a line of vehicles drove up to the triage area, and tried to cut in line. "Queue not much faster, but electronic police took. "The candle's move leaves Mr Tang regrets.

reminder: the elevated ramp white Zebra triage area, driving a motor vehicle is not allowed, soup of this violation of the prohibition on marking instructions. Contravenes the marking indicates that the driver of the vehicle shall be punished by a fine of 100 Yuan, and deducted 2 points. On the high road and would strictly follow the road signs to complete, do not try to be smart.

Zhejiang A19U** owner: Miss Yang   violations: high speed not turn lights   ignore index: ★ ★ ★ ★ "

Zhejiang A19

"license for 5 years, the actual drive lasted 3 years, such a violation is met for the first time. "See their traffic on the Internet illegal information, Miss Yang is feeling. "Motor vehicles from on-ramp to enter or leave the motorway is not required when using the light", which is the reason why she received a ticket.

"in retrospect, did not make a turning signal, was negligent. "Miss Yang said the offence was August 16, during that time, her back from Hangzhou every week visiting his sick mother in Zhuji, from the place of records of illegal information, Hangzhou-Jinhua-Quzhou Expressway in Zhuji xiakou.

Miss Yang recalled, it was 2 o'clock in the afternoon, a man was driving in the sweltering highway. "When it comes to high speed, I only paid attention to using the rear-view mirror to observe the rear of the car, forgetting turn signals. ”

"but not hit the turn signal will be recorded, and chat with many friends, everyone is surprised, it seems not many people noticed this breach, I experience just give everyone a heads up. "Miss Yang said.

reminder: the reporter learned from high-speed traffic Police Department, Miss Yang in violation is "road traffic safety regulations" 79th provision first to second paragraph, according to the relevant regulations, she would be punished by a fine of 200 Yuan, not deduct points. High-speed traffic police said, not on the use of light vehicles, now mostly to patrol police videotaped evidence, evidence from the current situation, such violations are not uncommon, this driver that ignores the light using the number.

Zhejiang A66L** owner:   situation: when the green light is not   ignore index: ★ ★ ★ ★ "

Zhejiang A66L** owner:   situation: when the green light is not   ignore index: ★ ★ ★ ★

in the traffic regulations, "red light stop, green line" rule, as we all know, but perform relatively well. However, for the "green light not go" belongs to the illegal behavior, yet many people don't know that, because Mr Green is not the train received a violation notice.

one day in August of this year, under the scorching sun, Zhang drove King Royal Road, Fengqi road when South West left the red light. "Was the hottest part of the noon, little car on the road, only one car in front of me, empty no car behind me. ”

red light for a moment, he would like to get a CD to listen to, and began to bow their heads to find. But by the time find the CD, the green light has turned into a yellow light, and will be transferred to the red light. "At that time did not know the traffic light became so fast, think back no one reminders, just waiting for a red light. ”

unexpectedly, in illegal on the Internet after record, record bar suddenly appear within this block record. "Red light belongs to traffic violations, how did not expect the green light does not also be an offence. If a car behind me a prod, this ticket is saved. "Now no longer dare light snubs.

reminder: the law provides that after when the light turned green, line traffic cannot continue to stay fixed, otherwise it is illegal. Vehicles and pedestrians must strictly obey the traffic signals traffic light with uniform command, the row is row, the stop, then stop. Mr Zhang's story also reminds us, while waiting for the red light, you should concentrate.

Zhejiang C734** owner: Mr MA   violations: parking   ignore index: ★ ★ ★ ★ "

Zhejiang C734** owner: Mr MA   violations: parking   ignore index: ★ ★ ★ ★

Mr MA in Hangzhou, drive a car from his home in Hangzhou. This year, Mr MA had to eat 6 traffic ticket, 6 were parking illegally.

"I'm driving is quite disciplined, generally will not knowingly breaking the law. "Mr MA a sudden turn," but for parking, I was not so self-conscious. ”

horses drive in Hangzhou, parking is the most difficult thing for others, but I drove a car, than others in this "advantage". "Sometimes go out to eat, my colleagues letting me drive because I was out-of-town, just stop here and it doesn't matter. Sometimes units less spaces, only to stop on the road, it can't. "Mr MA also said units in out-of-town cars are many, mainly in order to solve the parking problems.

reminder: the field unrestricted licence in Hangzhou, which is actually a misunderstanding. Reporters learned from the Hangzhou Police Department, violations of car in Hangzhou, arrived after a certain number will be recorded "blacklist traffic violations", once in the "black list", the car is likely to be referred to the police when win after the traffic lights, vehicle suspension, until the record was removed. This "number" is usually six or seven times.  

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