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Charging how dare block "free road"

National Highway 106 and Liuyang, Liu runs parallel to, and likewise to Yao. It was, however, built a thick wall, 106 National Highway blocked, vehicles can only walk through the toll station crumbling Liu Road. For 8 years, with the national highway was blocked, a number of "legacy" with local?? Criticism heaped on the villagers ' wrangling fights and traffic accidents have occurred frequently and deputies to run voice ... ... (December 30 the sanxiang Metropolitan daily)

National Highway 106 is an important transport links connecting North and South China, starting on the road to Beijing Hu ying and finish at Guangzhou, the whole 2,466-kilometer. According to traffic regulations, and any blocked roads more important, is the biggest disruption to traffic order, is the greatest challenge to traffic laws and damaging. However, the incredible is such an important national highway, turned out to be one of only dozens of kilometers of secondary roads?? Visit the big road block: in order to have more "earned income" related departments at State Road 106 built a thick wall, only motorcycles are allowed to pass other vehicles of all sizes, have to visit from the charging station by on the highway, and then, for the road toll "contribution".

However, this "have to go" toll road "charges" are not tubes "maintenance", the media referred to the road as "gruesome" and "rags and almost lost the ability to access", also because of this, frequent traffic accidents along the way. More puzzling is that this "King wall" blocking the road and had to choose "King Road", local villagers and some truck drivers because of repeated complaints not valid, select a way to solve the problem of violent conflicts, in 8 years, continued. Several villages and towns in the vicinity and deputies repeatedly put forward a motion in the municipal people's Congress, gross expressed indignation of blocking national highway, and requested a trimming loop company for toll roads, but so far nothing.

more and more attention to traffic flow in the relevant State, and strictly control the behavior of toll stations of various charges today, how will appear "toll road" blatantly blocked "free road"? It turns out that relevant departments on this short three toll booths on highways has been entrusted with "high hopes", had put the toll as a "God of wealth", in 2005, this toll station on the highway, Yang Jia toll station, Dongfeng charging station 3 station is imposed by the total target of 75 million Yuan, actual completion of 68.428 million Yuan. This year, Yang Jia toll charges target was set at 16 million Yuan, now complete 1465duowanduo Yuan, only charges one day, reach the tens of thousands of Yuan! It is no wonder that relevant departments in the villagers ' violent conflict and deputies repeated recommendations of, 8 years refused to remove blocked national highway 106 "King wall", turned out to be so attractive interest impulse!

in recent years, about excessive toll roads, causing traffic congestion and public discontent. National Audit Office audit results announcement, 2008 2nd in the toll-road construction and operation management of the 18 provinces of the audit findings also showed that the scale of current Turnpike toll road, the debt burden, partial toll road debt risks and many other issues. In order to solve this problem, "highway" to real "public, public" fuel tax reform package was cancelled a few days ago the Government repayment secondary road charges (including tunnels and bridges toll on the secondary road), and clearly defined, and repaying the Government secondary highway toll stations, will be effective as of January 1, 2009, at 0 o'clock all stopped charging. So, for belonging to "the nature of the business," Liu Road, when it's time to actually stop charging? Case of refused to dismantle forcibly blocked National Highway 8, relevant departments and what to do with it? Annual costs of overcharged due to blocked national highway, and what to do with it? We look forward to the authorities to give an account to the public.  

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