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Traffic laws

Regulations implementing difficult to improve their own quality is key

In fact, since May 1, 2004, to the People's Republic of China after the implementation of the law on traffic security, the province will require traffic management departments at all levels strictly in accordance with the provisions of the law, both non-motor vehicle driver and illegal penalties, create a better traffic environment, but performance was not satisfactory.

this reporter in Kunming, one flow and traffic flow are very big crossroads captured images, despite the traffic police and assist personnel directing traffic, but pedestrians and non-motor vehicles running red lights is still very prominent.

  traffic warden: "   ,  , no light  "

 : "  you are now going to live across the street, is it? ”

cyclists  : " "

  reporter   "but is now the red light  "

cyclists: " , "

reporter  : "but how did you come out?   You should be in there, such as   (cyclists turn back) "

reporter did some statistics, found that red light at the intersection, to strictly observe traffic regulations, suggested according to the signal by the pedestrians and non-motor vehicle driver is less than 5%. As of May 1, 2004 by the People's Republic of China 89th of the road traffic safety law provides: pedestrians, passengers, non-motor vehicle driver violation of road safety laws and regulations on road traffic regulations punishable by imprisonment for 5 Yuan and 50 Yuan fine. Although the penalties are the same from the previous ceiling of 5 Yuan to 50 Yuan. But why penalties raised, such behavior is still repeated. Different traffic police on duty at the multiple crossing told reporters, although the traffic laws has increased pedestrian and non-motor vehicle driver against the punishment, but execution is there are a lot of difficulties.

traffic Police Brigade of Kunming   Zhao LI: " ,  pedestrians pedestrians difficult fined if no money  ,   or unwilling to accept the punishment, and we can't get him?   Because we do not restrict the right to freedom of   "

in this way, pedestrians and non-motor vehicle driver when the violations occurred, police mostly to education. And the increasing traffic pressure and limited police resources and traffic wardens primarily on energy to ensure the safety of traffic, take the pedestrian and non-motor vehicle driver violations have become more prominent.

Kunming municipal traffic Police Brigade of seven   Mo Zhiqiang: "  pedestrians to observe the traffic regulations of a weak sense of,  even if the red light is on.   He saw no cars or stopped,  he squeezed past the,  with no traffic lights "

reporter searching the Internet and found the country in pedestrian and non-motor vehicle driver punishments difficult circle city is more than Kunming. Zhengzhou was attempting to pedestrian red light running penalty approach, but the effect is still poor, seem to reduce this kind of behavior, in addition to the outside of the relevant sectors continued to increase penalties, the most fundamental thing is to improve pedestrian and non-motor vehicle driver traffic safety awareness, make them from passive acceptance of punishment in respect to management, becoming their voluntary compliance with traffic regulations.

  Kunming city traffic Police Brigade of seven   Mo Zhiqiang: "  penalty there is no using   alone; at best useless   fined 50 Yuan, and penalties are not objective  , the key is to let them have the awareness to ensure traffic safety"

  Yunnan Provincial CPPCC members   Wang Weidong: "  formed a good awareness of road traffic safety is what we all should do   and to step up publicity,  allows pedestrians and non-motor vehicle driver and the drivers have formed a good sense of  "

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