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Traffic laws

To rent the cars to unlicensed personal injuries caused by car rental company owners have responsibility

On June 4, Jinxian County, Jiangxi province, the people's Court heard road traffic accident with personal injury compensation disputes. Obligations not review the case due to the car rental company, car rental without driver license, by accident. Court of first instance judgment by the defendant responsible mine, taxi company legal representative of the accused a fan to take plaintiff Wang's medical expenses, nursing fees, compensation for disability amounted to 35469.18 Yuan.  

the afternoon of August 17, 2007, defendant ray from his fan one opening with car rental companies rent a small passenger car, rent a defendant when a fan does not review the qualifications against a particular defendant, ray drives. Mine a drive without a license for the car of the accused from Nanchang bound carriageway of Jinxian, away from national highway 316 663KM+300M Railway Department, collision constructed to guard the crossing of the railway staff, Wang and Wang was injured, was identified constitutes ten disability and cost to medical 11695.1, appraisal fee 480. After the accident, accused Ray escapes a driving, has been at large.  

plaintiff Wang sued the defendant Ray fan and accused some compensation for all costs of the traffic accident damage amount to 45000.  

was none of mine-a, fan of a case to answer.  

the Court of first instance considered, car rental corporate fan in car rental to others should be used to review other people's driving qualifications, in case of mine a no driving license, rented a car Thunder fan, should be seen as condoning acts of driver Ray, which is also a violation of road traffic regulations. Jinxian Court traffic accidents to the Public Security Bureau traffic police found to be credible. Defendant Ray a, fan a bear full responsibility for this accident, plaintiff, Wang does not bear this responsibility for the accident. Because the plaintiffs did not submit evidence of actual revenue, delay compensation according to law shall not be recognized. For the plaintiffs ' claims, reasonable and legitimate part of support high part not to support it. Therefore, the decision was made.  

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