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Little green logo hot millions

This month, a green flag ripples through the owner's heart, Hangzhou. September 20 leading environmental label "doomsday" almost there, but in the community and on the road, Hangzhou, bikers will find carefully, do not stick the marking of environmentally friendly cars remain many, and many take the green flag car friends also hold full of things to say. Last week, the newspaper United Zhejiang automotive jointly launched "an environmental label for millions of car owners response to   friends who say" topic has been the enthusiastic participation of many users.

owners of "bitter water"

another decree paper: vehicle owners are required by September 20 to receive environmental labels in Hangzhou, as from October 1, do not stick the marking of environmentally friendly motor vehicles will not be high. Starting next June, there is no green cars will not be allowed to enter the scenic area.

the news got out, "leading" this matter will be in the middle of car owners ripped the pot. But owners are more doubts, less support.

Netizen "kind of Mavericks" with all due respect: now receive points in remote areas, it is recommended that in the urban areas to set up a few points.

leading is not comfortable, Netizen "machcat" leave took a long time and finally brought back, in a forum full of bitterness: too many of our people, good ... ... Why to manage excessive exhaust that 10% will make all the cars "guilt" ... ... 400,000 vehicles, a car brought a green flag, take time 2 hours, increasing the number of social costs, coupled with the back and forth the way energy consumption, exhaust emissions, the economic accounts, environmental accounts, has anyone calculated?

"avenge" netizens "orphan" in the Forum complaining: I go to zijingang Transit Center for environmental labels. Staff said that on-street parking within 15 minutes or not. I parked on the roadside. Didn't want to come out and found that there is traffic violation ticket on the car.

user Hu faced things more depressing, he has received environmental label when inspection earlier this year, only unguarded and lost. "To apply for a replacement, but they say no ... ... Even ID cards can also be a replacement, environmental label why not apply for a replacement? "Mr Hu to the aggrieved.

Open van Chu master is expressed on the environmental logo puzzle, "our car is in line with China ⅲ standard, we would have done in the source environment, why are you putting up eco logo? ”

more than more than 10 cities have implemented

with leading environmental label brought trouble to the owners as well as the views of the owners, reporters interviewed Department of environmental protection signs--Chief of the Hangzhou municipal environmental protection Bureau of motor vehicle exhaust emission of high.

"the thoughts and opinions of the owners are able to understand, however, the vehicle emission is one of the major pollution sources in the city. "  High Chief said. "Control motor vehicle pollution is city construction of trend, while also for on mass of body health of consider, protection environment everyone has accountability, especially owners groups, set such of consciousness is important, now of ' no car day ', and ' less open one days car ' activities of actually main purpose is to reduced pollution, through received environmental logo we hope can let owners are know himself of car on environment is has pollution of, himself is pollution environment of responsibility people. ”

"don't look at this little green flag, its function is very large. Issuance of environmental labels for vehicles is to classify the vehicle, all with all vehicles entering a new development of pollution control of motor vehicle database, so that targeted high-emission vehicles to strengthen management and is ready for the high-pollution restrictions on car traffic management. ”

high chief says classified management, coming at the time of vehicle exhaust gas sampling, will focus on sampling put up yellow green flag vehicle, and can be combined with detection, vehicle inspection, road, include all of vehicle emission pollution database for network management.

it is understood that at present, the Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing and other cities have gone ahead, the implementation of the motor vehicle administration of environmental protection signs. Up to now, China has more than 10 cities have implemented or are ready to implement environmental label management.

netizens have brought environmental label concerns. High Chief also made clear in response: "Hangzhou is on July 1 last year has already begun issuing, to leave more than a year of formal implementation" buffer "period, has 250,000 vehicles in the year received the green flag, accounting for more than half of the 440,000 vehicles in the downtown. After receiving green flag is received at the motor vehicle testing point, no need to run down. ”

there are 90,000 vehicle owners without logo

"just start a few days busy, time significantly reduced, now people up a bit. "Recently, this reporter visited the city issued several environmental labels window, issuing official told reporters.

according to the Bureau of motor vehicle exhaust emission statistics, at present there are about 90,000 vehicles do not have leading environmental labels.

"each receiving point in Hangzhou now has a daily volume of more than 3,000 people applied for, and the number is steadily growing, may see a lot of cars all the environmental label plus media campaigns, most car owners understand led signs will make the car can't, can't get into scenic spots, may also be referred to the police point to a fine. Expected to have a leading peak. "High Chief said.

in order to reduce unnecessary trouble after the road, did not bring good environmental label owners quickly to get it.  

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