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Car series car-pay proxy formalities without stamp

October 6, small cars and vehicles in the field on the card can be made when car number. Yesterday, head of the traffic control Department said, apart from the private car, vehicles and foreign car licences can be made when car number. When handling the series number plates of vehicles require submission of a power of attorney.  

according to the municipal traffic management Bureau the DMV license plates section chief Sean introduction units when handling the series number plates of vehicles, to provide units of the Organization code certificate, stamped with the official seal of the power of Attorney and agent identification. If the unit is equipped with body without the certificate of organization code, you can use the parent unit the certificate of organization code. Additional power of Attorney for the purpose of reducing a lot of trouble, to be stamped on the application form, but many flat seal does not carry, so I have to go to the DMV get the forms, and then go back and the official seal, more trouble. Now just from a unit with a power of Attorney, Attn holding identity documents can be.  

reporters learned later when vehicle car handled, all need to be stamped parts were cancelled, only need one entrust certificate. In addition, the transfer of registration can also be enabled when he likes old cars, unlike the past, can only be used after the scrappage original number plates.  

the traffic control Department said, to maximize the convenience of the general public on October 6 before accepting and receiving to receive vouchers, but without a selected number of owners, or by way of writing a number plate election. Owner management needs to the identity belongs to management, such as handling, Chaoyang District, Beijing, import cars, DMV, to carry out.  

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