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Beijing 16 new rules came into effect today

16 implemented new rules for vehicle management. Vehicle ownership transfer, must be replaced with new license plates, the original owner if the car is more than 3 years, and in six months to buy a new car, you can retain the original number plates. In addition, the need to change color and replace the body or frame, the owner will no longer apply to the DMV, you can change change registration directly to the DMV.

16 types of measures as follows:

1, the independent choreography, vehicle license plate number. The existing "choose one of 10" are picked on the basis of allowing small cars on a new car when the owner of the vehicle can be organized by coding rules themselves select a motor vehicle plate number. Used to layout selected, owner of that on that day, without number plates, but can apply for driving license, no vehicles photos on the new travel card.

2, expand the range of re-enable the license plate number. Can be re-enabled by the scrapping of motor vehicles in the past the rear license plate number, extend to the transfer of registration and cancellation (as a result of fire, natural disasters, accidents and other causes cancellation) of motor vehicle to further meet the needs of mass retained the original license plate number.

3, renewal of registration plate number. After the registration of motor vehicles at the time of transfer, and issue a new plate number. However, the original owners want to keep the original number plates, you must have the car for 3 years or more, and for cancellation or transfer procedures after six months, buying a new car (purchase used cars need to be selected). Prevent acts of resale vehicle license plate number. If the original owner no longer retained the number plate retention criteria are met or not, the number plate will be temporarily sealed by DMV, according to the national standard for a period of time. According to the head of the DMV, at present, Beijing's number plate is rich in resources, in principle, do not intend to reintroduce these number plates.

4, shorten the time limits apply for license plates. Vehicle registration shortened from 5 working days 2 working days; a replacement motor vehicle registration certificate is reduced to 15 working days 1 working day; in the car first apply for a vehicle registration certificate is reduced to 15 working days 5 working days.

5, simplifying approval for change of registration procedures. Need to change color and replace the body or frame, the owner of the vehicle will no longer apply to the DMV, you can change directly to the DMV made within 10 working days after registration. However, if you change the color or body and the frame does not meet national standards, at the time of registration, traffic control Department to remind the owners. Fails to change the penalties.

6, increases pledge for the record. Pawn of motor vehicles, DMV for vehicle owners and pledge of pawn shops handling record, avoid pawn during the transfer of ownership of motor vehicles.

7, canceled stop, multiple drive business. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Ministry of public security to cancel the stop, complex drive registration, for October 1 is already processing stopped allowing complex drive.

8, simplifying remote scrap motor vehicle registration cancellation procedures. For vehicles unable to sail back to the city to deal with scrap, scrap recycling business to field DMV to apply for cancellation of the registration of motor vehicles, DMV in the field through information passed to the computer registration system will end, DMV, the owner of the vehicle needs of the deregistration certificates, can go back to the DMV to receive.

9, at the time of periodic inspection of vehicles, driving certificate permits full endorsement of, where you can to the nearest 6 new direct replacement of vehicle driving certificate card.

10, vehicle owners can at least 3 months. Participate in periodic inspection of motor vehicles from inspection month adjusted to 3 months prior to the expiry of the validity period. The measure does not affect the validity of the original.

11, fails to check vehicle go through the transfer procedures with ease. When fails to check the vehicle at the time of transfer, taking into account the owner drove back to the DMV test very inconvenient adjustments to be secure when transferred to technical inspection, submitted to the motor vehicle safety inspection certificate and proof of compulsory traffic accident liability insurance for motor vehicles can be directly transferred to the register.

12, expanded the scope of provisional driving car number plates issued. Without sales, has not yet been registered, for research and type testing, limits exceeding the national standard of vehicles and other motor vehicle temporary on-road, you can apply for a certain period of temporary driving car number plates.

13, on the school bus, dangerous chemical management. Registration of hazardous chemicals truck, school bus management and review of signs, signal lights against the relevant norms and standards, proceeding from protecting people's life and property security, strengthened the school bus, dangerous source of vehicle management.

14, increase the quality of motor vehicle back, not in our country roads, cancelled and other reasons for cancellation of registration. Back on vehicle quality issues, not on the roads in the country causes the cancellation of registration, to vehicle control general handling, revoked and other reasons for cancellation of registration can be handled by various pipe.

15, increased the loss for cancellation of registration of motor vehicles. For motor vehicle losses due to natural disasters, streets, towns, more than by the disaster that the Government certify; fire causing loss of motor vehicles from above the County Fire Department certificate; traffic accidents resulting in loss of motor vehicles, issued by the public security traffic management departments at or above the County proved, can handle the loss of cancellation of registration.

16, expanding the scope of engine choices. In the past only allows replacement of the same type of engine, adjusted to allow replacement of the engine of the motor vehicle within the optional product announcements.  

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