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Published "blacklists" total anti-car rental scams

Now, rent a car trip or business of the public more and more car rental, fast development of the industry. Because the hiring procedures are simple, criminals often start to the car rental company. However, due to fierce competition in the car rental industry, "blacklisted" sharing of information has been difficult, with lying to rent increases, some rental companies are aware of the industry's high risk, "blacklisted" implemented in Zibo, the entire car rental industry information is imperative.

car rental industry awareness of worse

on November 10, "car hire" some of the ads, a reporter dialed the phone of an automobile leasing company, zhangdian district. "What formalities necessary for rental cars? "" Take account of this, identity cards, driving licenses and 3000 Yuan deposit can, but customers have to be local accounts. "" Use the documents, you can rent a car yet? "Journalists get positive response.

subsequently, the reporter also consulted several car rental companies, rental car needed procedures are relatively simple.

in August this year, Zhang and others for committing the crime of contract fraud was sentenced to imprisonment. From June to December last year, with Liu Zhang, Pan and Zibo 6 car rental companies and individuals signing the rental contract. Then, the rented sedan as collateral to defraud borrowers, obtaining cars a total 7.

Prosecutor Chen said handling the case, over the course of half a year's time, Zhang and others in zhangdian it has leased only 7 cars and mortgages, fraud with a group of men in so many companies, the leasing company was not aware, their capacity for risk is poor.

industry sharing the "blacklist"

after the occurrence of a rental scam, there are several rental companies will also "problem customer" included in the "black list", at present, a total of nearly 30 customer credit problems were recorded, including Zhang. But these lists are limited to several leasing companies within the relationship better.

according to the analysis, much of the information is difficult to share, due to the fierce competition in the car rental industry, there is competition between the many car rental companies.

information sharing to reduce industry risks

"this kind of crime is often successful, and lack of awareness of rental enterprises has a lot to do. "Zhangdian district people's Procuratorate prosecutors said many rental car companies credit status of the lessee's lack of understanding.

the Prosecutor suggests that car rental companies to carefully verify the authenticity of the documents, is to strengthen communication between the car rental company, to exchange some information and deception, car rental companies can have a bad record or poor credit customers included in the "blacklist", communications in the car rental industry, and avoid fraud.

in addition, some insiders are calling for in the community set up a professional car rental industry association, held seminars on a regular basis, this platform allows leasing companies to exchange information, pay attention to people with bad records, effectively preventing a number of leasing companies were tricked into rental events, improving the operating safety of the car rental industry.


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