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Car rental in Zhengzhou new trends in automobile consumption

"Buying a car is too expensive, too tired, have gone out, rent the most affordable. "It's not advertising, not limericks, but refined a new consumption trend of the automobile market, in developed cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and rental car showed a growing trend. In Zhengzhou, with thinning gradually extended automobile market, car rental industries into ordinary people's lives. &Nbsp;

▲▲▲ Start   market from small to big

in fact, car rental from 10 years ago, Zhengzhou started in 2000, more than 30 companies, due to the limited level of awareness is low, people who at that time, its business situation is not ideal, true prosperity in 2002 ~, to leasing companies, large and small are now more than 100 companies.

     rise of the car rental industry, mainly Golden Week travel heat rise in recent years, "according to car-free family" want to buy cars but was forced to abandon due to Pocket drum or other reasons, rent a wind arose at this time. Although the auto market this year continuous upsurge of prices have tempted some "car group" hand car, but due to the current price instability and greatly restrict the idea of car, cash purchase is still apparent, and purchase procedures are more complicated, and car maintenance costs more and more high, leaving many "according to car-free" love in car rental.

  ▲▲▲ status   market to cultivate

when Huang Yixue, interview Dakar car rental company financial Director, he said: "the car rental industry of Zhengzhou city as part of the auto industry, its complement has been highlighted, as well as by Holiday economy and tourism economy and the effects of, many car owners choose the car rental travel, is a broad market prospect. "Huang said Zhengzhou car rental shops are generally not prominent characteristics is not to scale, is still in the nursery phase, compared with domestic cities with advanced car rental industry, there is still a large gap. Zhengzhou Dakar car rental started late, but standing at a high starting point at the outset, not only the main car rental, used cars and parts sales business and now throw Palmer Latin SUV 40, recently extended to hundreds, Zhengzhou professional SUV models of the car rental companies.

Although there is a market opportunity, but there are more than more than 100 leasing companies to participate in the competition, how big of a slice can do? "Usual business although lighter, but can stay in business, a holiday is certainly. The "Fengyuan city, Zhengzhou city car rental company, one official said. It is understood that the cases of non-golden week, Zhengzhou city there are many strong and large car rental companies rent rate can reach 80%, most SMEs lease rate can reach 50% above.

Zhengzhou municipal transport management Branch Chief, Zheng Ting San said, referring to the car rental industry, car leasing as a form of advanced and practical financial services, is an important way to sell automobile manufacturer, which effectively led to the development of the automobile and related industries, strengthening collaboration between automobile manufacturers and financial and insurance institutions development, formed a virtuous circle of the automobile market.

▲▲▲ butt   risk crisis

lease customer's integrity is the concern of all the car rental companies. Car rental customers often complain about lease and complex procedures that require security, but to the leasing company, and these are required. In addition to the malicious lie to rent, another cause for concern is the traffic violations, many illegal rent customers long after be camera to know that local customers leasing companies can lease customer negotiations, foreign clients there is no way, leasing companies can only own to pay the fine, brush. It can be said that risk car rental car rental industry has become the greatest obstacle to development.

▲▲▲ outlet   scale services

  for car rental, ultimately depends on the scale of operation to obtain greater profits. Amount of rental car companies in Zhengzhou, small scale, weak, and vulnerable to market risk and competition. However, according to industry analysts, the future is "joint" Road will become a car rental company's direction. Zhengzhou city car rental industry will bring in more scientific management methods, improve the network system, providing better service, raising its share in the market. "World network", which is fitting in the car rental industry.

  according to Huang Yixue introduced, Zhengzhou Dakar car rental limited established Yu this year September, rental Zhengzhou Nissan its Paladin SUV, and Nissan Pickup and Dongfeng diesel pickup of the paragraph models, through and Zhengzhou Nissan formed strategy Union, and relies on Zhengzhou Nissan throughout national of sales service network, and around cooperation units common building rental network, eventually achieved "local car rental, and offsite also car" of network business. This greatly reduces the risk.


domestic car rental industry appeared in Beijing in 1988, the year has only 18 times, but pace much faster than the founding at the beginning of the car rental industry in the West, especially Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou 3 urban development faster. Nationally, rental vehicle ownership in more than 50,000 vehicles, rental company with thousands.

at present, China's car rental industry mainly in the fast developing areas of Beijing and Shanghai, Beijing now has more than 130 a number of rental car companies, leasing vehicle total weight 21,000 vehicles, steam only has leased more than 2000 vehicles.


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