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Airport car rental services

Wenzhou airport terminal car rental, set up a new window. Here, you don't need guarantees and deposits can easily rent a car. For business entertainment, leisure and travel, this is more convenient.

according to airport services company source, the airport as a transit station, daily traffic is large, in order to facilitate the temporary needs of business travellers and tourists, the airport introduced a car rental company. Entering airport car rental, service is supreme, it is a national chain of car rental companies, service at many airports across the country.

extreme car rental charge the Wenzhou airport, passengers at the airport rental car, only with a valid identity card, driver's license and credit cards you can apply for the car rent procedures, do not need to deposit and guarantees. Rent is based on the one-day units (within a limited km) to calculate. But cars have excellent insurance, customers can use without the burden. Next, extreme car rental also opened stores in the urban area, at that time, passengers can realize remote car. After landing at the airport you can rent a car, city car, or downtown car rental car at the airport. Return the car and long distance services, and also in my province, Ningbo, Hangzhou, and other airports across the country to achieve.  


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