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No guarantee without deposit and rental "Supreme car rental" pulled into Hainan

Rent a car without a guarantee without deposit, identity card, driving license, credit card, these three lines, in Xiamen, Haikou rental cars you can drive to, transporting a car accident may notify the transport personnel rushed to the scene, the tenant can get away with other corporate ... ... Whether you believe it or not there is such a thing, such Shenzhen extreme car leasing limited (hereinafter "the Supreme") has quietly pulled into Hainan. &Nbsp;

it was revealed that the company has opened 4 stores in Haikou and Sanya. Extreme now has 15 cities airport to town to open more than more than 30 stores.  

traditional car rent procedures are cumbersome and often somewhat uncomfortable: from car hire documents required, outside the province to the General need to provide my ID card, driver's license, a return ticket; car hire may sometimes need a guarantor and guarantor are required to have a local account ... ...  

extreme Dong Zuyue, Deputy General Manager of the company, told reporters that in the extreme, car rental as long as a valid proof of identity, with the rental qualifications.  

Dong Zuyue said the Supreme company did not accept the lessee a penny of cash, all only pay by credit card, target location for high-end tenants, bank credit evaluation system to avoid the risk of the customer. To guarantee the absolute safety of the vehicle, all vehicles are fitted with GPS Locator. "Offsite" is also a major feature: customers can rental cars in Haikou, Sanya; also available in Haikou (Sanya) car hire, return the car after a road trip to Xiamen, and then fly back.


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