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On the present situation of Chinese private car consumption

, Automotive market research should not just lump everyone

at present, the investigation has been very much on China's auto consumption. Because of the complexity and diversity of China's auto consumption, against China's auto consumption investigation cannot fail to take into account the specific conditions of China, avoid the results generalization. But now often see investigation report, examples of biased is not uncommon:

1  a survey company at a site for online surveys, number about 80 million Internet users in China. Organizers of the online survey of users of vote are "ordinary Chinese automobile consumption intentions" and hype.

this investigation and its conclusion, clearly visible representative of the survey organizers are based on 80 million Internet users, "Chinese people." In fact, such practices are not rigorous. Figure of 80 million is too many, but only of the total County population 6%. This 6% of the population seriously in favor of higher-income people, serious bias in higher education, serious bias towards urban population, serious bias in IT, telecommunications, finance and other industries and Government agencies, serious bias in the 18~28sui age group. In such a context, how can Internet users purchase intention characterization "ordinary Chinese" purchase intent?

2  according to a Beijing newspaper, a body in early 2004 in Beijing conducted a consumer survey on the family car, covering the 12 districts and counties of Beijing 6400 people, by a number of respondents of the survey results. But in a book called the automobile marketing management in academic work, the results of this survey are vaguely called "beijingers what to buy a car". Thus, all data is grossly misrepresented. It is clear that surveys say is an institution in Beijing "Beijing people (rich) of respondents", and turned in the book "(the whole) from Beijing." For example "survey, close to 30% respondents to choose between the car's price was 80,000 ~10 million"; for example, "consumers when buying a family car, in its safety, economy and comfort, handling, and many other factors, the primary concern is security (69.49%), followed by the economy (11.21%)". Such statistical data, is only as far as the respondents, or pro rata including Beijing's employees, workers, book should explain it. Otherwise, free dubbed the "Peking Man" is too hasty.

Second, taking into account a wide range of users and vehicle records

on ordinary Chinese consumption capabilities and features of the car, in 2005, the author conducted a series of in-depth investigations. Inability to achieve large sample volume should be statistically significant cases, ethics author are required to be as decentralized as possible geographical randomly selected samples and models and to pursue independent samples of "true".

sample summary table of our investigation shows that cars rarely for pure consumption, most of which are being used in the production of information, that is used to make money. Indeed, the car situation is evident at this stage such a feature.

we have different models of research records, arranged by price from high to low, and narrative, to faithfully reflect the cars in China "consumer".

(a), Hunan (BMW owners)

Qian, born in 1968, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, graduated in 1990 refrigeration machinery major at Beijing University. Assigned to a cold machine factory in the Northwest after graduation, soon quit the sea. Started from chocolate sales, business and confectionery and other food products. Around 1995, which becomes a turnover of billions of candy cookie wholesaler. Later became a large supermarket chains food supplier, owns several of the companies, the main supermarket food and commodity distribution, diversified into real estate, advertising, forestry and so on. Meanwhile, he also owns the supermarket group's right to operate in the two provinces, and makes efforts to its convenience stores with annual sales of more than 10 billion yuan. Number of wholly-owned and controlled company has many vehicles, he often drives a BMW 730. Vehicle grade required for car buyers, but is relatively low-key, he said they would not consider buying a Ferrari or something. Not without money, but that has very little meaning. According to our survey, which interviewed felt Mr scholar type money, have strong spending power, but not keen on spending spree, the so-called "rich not rich". Their car has obvious differences with some rich businessmen with educational level is not high.

(b) Ms Jiangsu (Hyatt, Santana car owners)

Zhang 1996 show a driver's license, and now has nearly 10 years. Previously, former sales and management, also drove. Resigned in 2000, was a full-time wife, doing housework, occasionally helping friends store. Until 2003, she was introduced to do training, made her move. Nanjing was learning to drive is about more than 3,000 yuan, except for DMV fees, the rest is spend driving revenue. See, money. So he bought a Santana, with ABS,10 million less. Good road handling, and accompanied driving certificate, start accompanied driving. First as the DMV of an external coach, then as a driving school instructor, until now. Zhang said she is particularly busy in 2003 and 2004, and was really busy from morning to night. Nanjing driving more and more people own vehicles with the driving personnel, is more money. In 2003, buying a car, is clearly not a consumer vehicle. She used the car to earn money, and earn a lot of money. Next, you earned the money to buy the car, opened a small car rental company. Does accompanied driving coach leasing company bosses, both in making money, the size of the leasing company is gradually expanding. Up to now, Zhang's name has 4 cars.  

(c) Hunan Ms Qiu (fit owners)

Ms Chiu long drive, just a motorcycle. When driving in one step, get three-wheel driving. Driving a motorcycle had so many falls, investigation interview, she even raised his left hand to allow us to see the scars at the elbow.

Ms Chiu about driving a car for the first time was in 1992. When a friend units to match the car, her own a Alto. She is responsible for all charges outside the car to buy a car, for example, road tolls, fuel costs, repairs and the like. This "non-ownership" Alto, she felt quite satisfied. General road 90~100km/h very cool, up to 120krn/h, good enough. Fuel and air conditioning line. This car for two or three years, and later had no car. In 2004, their own money buying now fit. Select the fit for several reasons: one is the economic strength; second, believes Honda brand; the third is the hope one point space; four were like elaborate interior. Ever consider a Polo, but don't know what to give up. Nanjing Fiat also considered, but not too much trust in Nanjing, and observed that the Fiat car to work rather than Japan.

(d) the Shandong Zhai Shifu (Iveco owners)

master di in early 2005 bought a 1998 passenger Iveco  A40.10 factory has been running for 7 years. Even line cards spent 160,000 yuan (about 60,000 yuan nude cars). Daily from Jinan to zhoucheng, 400km. He insists on driving, wife sell the tickets.

previously, Zhai Shifu is the driver, driving a lot of cars, but it is open to public or to other bosses. This Iveco was his family's first car.

operating vehicles over eight years to force the scrapping, even if not scrap or can only be converted into other uses shall not be put into passenger, Zhai Shifu had a limited time to earn money to buy second cars. He estimated more than a year, up to 1.5 years recycling car costs.

according to our research experience to zoucheng in Jinan road, bus transportation management is in place, not many black cars, tourists is guaranteed. Taking into account this factor, Zhai Shifu to earn back the investment confidence is justified. However, also has a premise that this car cannot go.

this Iveco has is very old. Master it to di hands, is one of "three handcart", two earlier its owners, is engaged in passenger transportation. Master di also confused about this car is how much actual mileage, but it was definitely more than 1 million km, or even close to 1.5 million km. His wife, surnamed Wang, long out of work. Families with two children, daughter is 18 years old, son of 14 years. Master di ran passenger was seven or eight years, but has been helping people drive and save money. This opportunity down 160,000 yuan to buy a used car. 160,000 Yuan not entirely their own, borrowed some, is not known.

(e) master Wang, Shandong (Yuejin trucks and great wall pickup owners)

master Wang read only graduated from junior high school, 19 years old just started driving, the first tractor, then all sorts of car-driven tricycle, also driving a big truck. Drive a big truck is for units running transport. Run more, sprout their own idea of buying a car. Decided to buy a car in 1997, decided to borrow money. At that time we were very poor, made such a decision is also bold. Primarily lend relatives money, borrowing more, really is a patchwork.

1997 King of the master, at the age of 33, went to Nanjing with the money to buy a car. He looks sharp, selected cars have their own ideas, according to their own economic situations, as well as sources, specially selected Yuejin trucks. After buying the car, immediately call a plastics factory, began themselves to make money for a living. Master Wang's transport business is basically a block of marble, from doorstep to laizhou, Yantai, or to. The job is stable, there are daily business. Distance not 200km, except under special circumstances, can go home every day. Sometimes seasonal exports of agricultural products such as chili. He spent a little more than a year of time to earn back the car, later is pure profit. The average monthly income of four thousand or five thousand Yuan, he was satisfied. His car ran from 1997 until the summer of 2005, the cumulative run 460,000 km. Subsequently, due to intensified management overload, master Wang marble business cannot continue, but no other stable sources of Yuejin trucks, was forced to sell to someone else, also bought a pickup truck to make short-distance passenger and freight transport, significant decline in income and unstable.

(f) Anhui Master Li (when three-wheel farm vehicle owner)

Master Li Lixin County of Anhui farmers. He anchored nanling County, Anhui province a home repair company, specializing in house roof patch plugging operations. He drove a three-wheeled vehicle, and every day on the go. About two years ago, began to make the repairs to the roof. Started business, renting a relative's small three-wheeled farm vehicle, the vehicle's relatives became his main business partner. Customers sometime get the houses fixed an appointment with Master Li, Master Li with the relatives agreed to use cars. Later Master Li's client, business development, relatives of the little car it is too late. In this way, Master Li bought a wind when Tri-wheel farm vehicle. This car, diesel. Master Li is being placed on the carriage plate visible signs, write down the name of the company and business, with pictures. Buy this when the wind took 12000 Yuan. Do all formalities are about 15500 altogether, which can be driven on the road. If you buy a cheapest four wheel car, must have at least 24000 RMB. This three-wheeled farm vehicle than it is now, almost more money in 1 time, Master Li could not afford. Currently chef business is busy, looking back, the monthly income of 1000~2000 Yuan. He is satisfied with their current income.

Master Li has worked in Shijiazhuang and Beijing. In Beijing, for example, find something in the construction site. Day thirty or forty dollars. Current roof trapping business in Beijing, did not have much higher income, but free and happy. Master Li has expressed reluctance to Beijing and other places to work.

(VII) Shandong Elaine (ZONGSHEN motorcycles)

MS Zhou, aged about 35, who lives in island of weishan Lake, weishan County, Shandong. She was driving a nearly new ZONGSHEN motorcycle, both driver and tour guide, husband is mainly responsible for persuading guests on his car. People travel to the island, and gave birth to a motorbike soliciting business. Lady motorcycle week is six years. First car has to be bad, and then bought a second car. Now many tourists will choose new cars, used cars less than. On the island to open a motorcycle to pull tourists in play as the industry on the island, without licensing, do not pay any fees. Low season high season of tourism. Busy in the high season, earned 2000 Yuan a month. Cold in the winter, no guests to play naturally, only struggle. On average, Elaine motorcycles every day now brings home dozens of gross income, after deducting depreciation, repair of motorcycle and gasoline costs, net income more than 1000 Yuan a month. Family life mainly depends on it. As stipulated in the town, they were a family of four and eight points, two per person. Ground grain and vegetables is paid. Elaine a family of four, has two daughters, aged 12, 10 years younger. She now in addition to driving a motorcycle without other sources of income. This source of income is shrinking, as motorcycle prices down, and people with this money, and increasingly fierce competition. Tourism expansion rate can't keep up with people's consumption level, she increasingly find life difficult, expect to the big city to work.

(VIII) Anhui Yuan masters (Silver steel tuk-tuk)

langxi Master Cheng Guan Zhen Yuan, did not work. Brown stretch before bed, then furniture, people buy Simmons, Brown trampoline business less and less, finally doing it anymore. Since 1996, he bought his first motorcycle, soliciting. That from then on, master Yuen family life was mainly just a motorcycle through rain and wind. Starts with a hood, then spend money using a metal welding a top child.

master Yuan, poor primary schools never finished school. He existing five people in my family: my parents, husband, daughter. Father, work in a moving company in the County, retired for many years, now led from the original unit to the meagre retirement income each month. Mother, now 83 years old, 30 yuan per month "Lo". Love working in the bakery, they pipe at noon and evening meals, three hundred or four hundred Yuan monthly wage. Daughter in junior high school, she wanted to go to high school and wanted to go to College. A three-wheeled motorcycle, is the lifeblood of the Yuan family.

langxi, for a person to live on, to 200 yuan each month. So-called subsistence, largely food, occasionally eat meat, wear old clothes and other supplies to save every province (such as toilet used to pick up waste paper). Math master Yuan income difficult lies in the children to school, the elderly sick. These two, not provinces.

three cars in China not yet into the "ordinary" family

(a) the basis of China's auto consumption

the summer of 2005, released by the Asian Development Bank report on the research of economic development strategy in Hebei province, first proposed "ring there is mass poverty in Beijing and Tianjin", about this poor belt covers a population of more than 2.7 million. A reporter wrote: "this report reflects the situation, not only taken Bank officials by surprise, and contrary to what many people expected." It should be said that the disparity in China, the existence of these poor people, "taken Bank officials by surprise", but "contrary to what many people expected", it is very sad.

at present, annual production reached 5 million ~1000 million, the auto production data did not include a large number of economical low light mini counted, actual traffic is not equivalent to part of mini-motorcycles into account. Therefore, in most cases the discussion of China's auto consumption, avoiding a lot of "State of the cars": a low-priced entry-level car and cars. As the example at the beginning of this article, to 80 million Internet users for the samples referred to "ordinary Chinese", with only 6% of special groups, to show residents the overall situation in China such as academic papers or statistical analysis is wrong.

in addition, a significant number of researchers are more used to taking Beijing city as an example, analysis of the national auto market and auto consumption. In fact, it was also very confused. First of all, cannot be counted as Beijing in Beijing city. Such as village in Huairou district in Beijing is not the same thing at all, its integrated socio-economic development indicators may differ for many years. In addition, Beijing could not represent China. There was a very popular theory: Beijing Asian Games Village auto market is a barometer of the national auto market. Common sense tells us that the Beijing Municipal anyway does not represent "China". China is so big, China's auto market is so rich! Beijing Asian Games Village auto market, motor trend is consistent only with Beijing, and said it was different from Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chengdu, it can't even characterize Beijing shunyi, Huairou and yanqing.

(b) the understanding of "ordinary people"

a famous automobile journalists said: "the situation in China is: on the one hand is 11 million l of Bentley, more than 7 million yuan of 1 maibake, auto show has not exhibited will be ordered to go. Meanwhile, more than 30,000 yuan of xiali for 900 million rural people ' for the vast majority of remains, far beyond astronomical. Therefore, in China, the cars have not yet entered the family car phase. ”

in the text above, we see a number of concepts: 900 million people for 30,000 yuan for a car, "the unattainable". In that case, lots of article repeatedly said ordinary people to buy a car, becomes the question: they said that ordinary people who are?

in the sample summary table listed in this article, money that people in Hunan province, in China less and less Hunan paid Ms Chiu, are rare in the city. Equivalent of Anhui Master Li, Shandong week ladies and such kind of people up to the level of income in China accounted for more than 60%. In fact, in the most developed areas in China, but also of the vast majority of people cannot afford to buy cars. Cars in China have not yet entered the "ordinary people" family


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