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BYD's Beijing auto show will show the latest Trump weapon "iron force"

Carrying "iron force" BYD F3

Sina automobile news   recently, BYD said the Beijing auto show will be showing their latest ACE weapon: ET-power "iron force" new automotive power. "Iron force" company named ET-POWER. E for environmental protection and electricity (first letter of environment and electric), t indicates technical (technology), power the meaning of motivation and energy. While "ET" as we all know is the future and change the meaning of magic. Company "ET-POWER" to name their new power technology, also meaning the meaning of future technology, future power.


"ET-POWER" is the latest invention to BYD in batteries in the field "battery" for core technical support's new automobile power systems.

as we all know, the difficulty lies in the batteries of electric cars! Car battery in   "high capacity", "high security", and "low cost" on the three requirements. BYD announced that their latest invention of "battery" in the above three indices have made a breakthrough!

BYD electric car charging stations

it is learnt that is known as "father of the battery" BYD Liu with his team of core experts now on BYD's IT and electronic parts and components industry groups do "iron force" preparations for mass production. But BYD has been in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xian, finish building the internal electric vehicle charging station four bases, BYD plans to first within the enterprise, first enter "EV" era.

the Beijing auto show, BYD will be published on the exhibition they are the world's first "battery" core technology, and to supporting content contained in ET-POWRE system: electric vehicle charging station, charging new concept vehicles and equipment onto the show.

in another development, the BYD Auto Show theme for the English version of "Build your dream", meaning dream. Achieve their dreams of making cars. Global new energy powered green car of dreams.

If it can achieve. This will be a landmark global automobile industry revolution!  


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