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Geely to build luxury brands LTI to produce small rolls

He achieved with United Kingdom after manganese bronze company of new joint-venture model, this reporter recently in Zhejiang interview access to exclusive news, Geely will be launched on the basis of their own joint venture with manganese bronze's first luxury car brand---LTI. On this basis, Geely will realize in the future to integrate digestive manganese copper and on the basis of local production. LTI will be positioned as a luxury car brands, Geely, independent research and development on the engine project was completed this year after a break, and will for the first time as an independent car companies into the luxury-car brand in China market.

LTI is smaller than Rolls-Royce, first

Although still not fully convinced that he's ambitions in the car industry, but in fact he's actions towards the direction of the transnational auto giants and joint venture with manganese bronze behind Limo Geely's ambition is formed an important step in global strategy.

reporters learned from the lucky senior, manganese bronze original production TX4 models within joint ventures will continue to be produced, but at the same time, manganese bronze also have OEM Rolls Royce production body and some important components, so that in the production of the luxury car has a good experience and technical capabilities. "We will draw on these technologies and production experience, we will create their own luxury brands, this car is in fact a small rolls. "The senior described in addition to TX4 's plans. The brand has been known as the LTI, which is also the first to be fully identified as a luxury car brand models. According to Geely, as currently envisioned, the brand model smaller than the existing Rolls-Royce's profile first, overall body and currently the BMW and Mercedes-Benz series similar to the high-end models, but in the model design will follow the practices currently in production TX4, or cab and passenger compartment completely separated, as well as large storage space on the back. Tensions when one person explained that this is to protect the owner's privacy. In the top three models in foreign countries, only Mercedes-Benz Maybach used the same design concept as the TX4.

senior Geely of LTI brand full of hope, he believes the product will be on current corporate and commercial vehicle markets have a far-reaching effect. And future market position of the car will they struck down the personal use market segment.

or a 3.0-liter engine and above

compared with the commonly used domestic brands and the practice of combining overseas resource, Geely has always adhered to the independent research and development and innovation, as well as overseas cooperation in combined mode, and, apart from the Institute of Geely, Geely would focus more on looking for a breakthrough from the domestic resources. "Our cooperation with the manganese bronze to absorb their technologies and resources, of course, but in the LTI program, we will create a domestic production line specializing in the production of such vehicles. "The top Word, Geely still hopes to get themselves through joint venture, MN, Cu and currently does not have the technical resources.

for LTI, displacement, Geely also would not comment. But the reporter learned from the side, second engine plant of Geely, which after completed Assembly CVVT engine products in the vision sector will participate in the project on the development of, and Geely's second engine plant to build engines for the 3.0 and 3.5 and 6-cylinder engines high-end product.


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