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Domestic comparison of the wagon

Santana station wagon style old cost-effective, excelle wagon to meet euro ⅲ standard price, sail SRV space little weekend athleticism

radius of the car changed life. Weekend or holiday with family go outing. Common car car is too small, can not meet the requirements for luggage. While the SUV is too brutal for the rise of the past two years, take a comfortable enough or sufficient fuel economy, so station wagon into a family car of choice for a lot of love.

doyen: Santana station wagon

disadvantages: old style

Santana is one of the earliest to create concept station wagon models. From the 80 's of the last century, General Santana put into production next year, their version of the Santana was born. Still on sale now is 2003 Santana station wagon, at $ 92,800 RMB. Compare with Poussin, Santana station wagon vehicle weight greatly improved, an increase of 60 kg. Engine and Poussin, with 1.8-liter engines. In mainstream station wagon on the market today, Santana style, the oldest, most older, but the body space and power performance, said Santana was still one of the best.

lwh is 4546 mm and 1710 mm and 1427 mm, 2548 mm wheel base, and went public in November of last year excelle wagon have a fight outside, Santana's status no other cars in the station wagon could shake.

Santana station wagon car trunk capacity 560 litres, many ordinary cars can reach such a volume. But when the rear seats are placed after the Santana station wagon storage capacity is up to 1831, outside of new excelle wagon, likewise, none. Affordable is the car's greatest advantage, 93rd gasoline can meet the needs of the car, but the old style is its Achilles ' heel.

perch shakers: excelle wagon

cons: high prices

at the Guangzhou auto show in November 2005, Shanghai GM launched the excelle wagon, displacement of 1.8 litres, thus breaking the Santana dominates 1.8 l wagon market situation.

seen from the shape, its length-width-height ratio Santana as much as 34 mm, 15 mm and 33 mm, wheelbase up to 2600 mm, 52 mm longer than Santana. Its trunk capacity of 745, 185 liters larger than the Santana station wagon.

while double overhead camshaft engines have been common in ordinary cars, but in the station wagon, excelle is unprecedented, 16-valve four-cylinder engine is clearly improved vehicle performance. 6000 rpm, excelle wagon can reach maximum power 88-kilowatt, 4400 RPM 158 nm maximum torque, these performance indicators more promotion than Santana.

in addition to outside the profile more in line with the trend, a more important point is, excelle wagon has met euro ⅲ emission standards for cities such as Beijing, one has to consider in this is car hard.

the rapid rise: sail SRV

disadvantages: minimum space

as with ordinary sail, launched may be able to catch the good times, maybe catch a good Club to sell, sail SRV is undoubtedly the most successful leisure caravan sales today.

If Santana station wagon overall sales is small, then caravan to match European sales performance improvement credited, sail sales accounted for about 40%, and is sail a be aware of a car in the series.

sail SRV2001 launched by the end of engine 1.6-liter, 5600 RPM maximum power 66-kilowatt, 2800 rpm, maximum torque of 128 nm. Domestic vans, no models were so low-speed torque, sail SRV speed is extremely handy.

but compared to the popular station wagon, sail SRV's space is relatively small. Lwh is 4097 mm, 1608 mm and 1448 mm overall dimensions smaller than subsequent weekend wind, but its wheelbase is not short, to 2443 mm, the pursuit of comfortable and secure can be seen.

only sail SRV's trunk volume 378 litres, but turned my rear when rear seat storage space up to 1190 l, than the average car, but still less than other popular caravan spaces. Sail SRV's price is also cheaper, buy less than 80,000 yuan.

motion characteristics of outstanding: weekend wind

disadvantages: engine is too small

wind is without doubt a most management attention over the weekend vehicles, promotional efforts, it is as a separate species rather than the ordinary vehicle variants to sell.

as the name, wind is the first in China with great fanfare at the weekend preaching station wagon concept car, on a world scale, wind over the weekend earned a reputation for Fiat. Wind flow rate at 1.5 liters over the weekend, but shape spacious lot than the average car. Weekend wind lwh is 4142 mm and 1527, 1615 mm mm, respectively, than the 1.6-liter sail S-RV was 45 mm, 7 mm and 79 mm, especially its height, than in the caravan parks in popular domestic model wind higher over the weekend.

its trunk volume reached 460 litres when the seats flip rear storage space reaches a very considerable 1540 litres. But actual only 1.461 rose of displacement makes its power index obviously relative partial weak, 5500 turned Shi maximum power 62.5 kW, 4500 turned Shi maximum torque 122.5 Newton meters, weak Yu game Europe SRV. regardless of is 175 of tire, also is relative more short of wheelbase, or is stable shock design highlight of hanging frame system, weekend wind of movement quality in these details at reflected have more highlight. Weekend wind cost between 80,000 to 100,000 yuan.  


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