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Drunk driving new business "to taste"

wine offspring drive   new business "to taste"

currently has signed agreements with banks and insurance companies and other large enterprises groups   such as insurance to get a free service

as the new year and the Spring Festival approaching, the party will enter a peak period between relatives and friends. During this time, drunk driving will usher in the peak season for business?

recently, the journalists ' investigation of the status of drunk driver interviews, found the service there are already shrinking phenomenon. In 100 drivers interviewed 77% who thought he could not select wine descendants drive because "don't trust strangers, after all, should a problem arise well resolved. ”

the current situation

companies registered a total of 17

mostly business increased

on January 1, 2004, the city's first professional wine offspring after the car company was founded, all at ease, with June, more than 10 Professional "wine future generations drive" developed in the company. Meanwhile, dozens of auto club car rental companies have increased the alcohol drive business for future generations.

in nearly 3 years, once the debate of "wine future generations drive" there is now a sign of decline. Driver appeared in droves that year companies have already disappeared in the market.

according to Commerce Department statistics, current registered company with chauffeur business, 17, but most of them are rental-car company or driving school is licensed to handle the increased business. Is the market of supply and demand changes, chauffeur service their problem was the acceptability limits of ordinary wine drive development for future generations? this reporter conducted the survey interview.

founded nearly 3 years

orders in the reduction in the number

on the Internet search for "wine future generations drive" results, mostly Beijing Ben AO an da automobile driving services related content and information. Descendant's establishment as the city's first wine drive companies, said James, General Manager, after two years of development and changes, it's really hard to find a commercial wine offspring driving company, ran aoanda almost all of the industry, but the economic benefits are not ideal.

"in the period from 2004 to early 2005, when high demand, a night up to 33, but now average more than 10 single. "  What is the General Manager said," most of my companies business. ”

different service groups

3 forms

from the formal point of view, the chauffeur in the city of the company can be divided into 3 types: one is a dedicated chauffeur service company, when it is in the customer's car and customer contracts of guarantee and to agree on a reasonable price.

Second, belonging to a large car club chauffeur company with chauffeur service, it is usually provides the driver project.

third, provide chauffeur service for hotel guests.


77% per cent of respondents indicated that they would not choose the wine generations drive

in 100 drivers in the reporter, 80% people have heard of "wine future generations ride" 77% who thought he could not select "wine future generations ride" service due "don't trust strangers, after all, should a problem arise well resolved. ”

16% respondents consider themselves the opportunity may attempt to, respondents had received 7% chauffeur services.

just because of drunk driving accident injury Mr Yuen told reporters: "will certainly look for wine after progeny driving. Used to think drink nothing, had an accident really scared this time. ”

owners out of mind insecure worry that disputes

car owners are descendants refused alcohol driving for 4 main reasons:

psychological disorders

"cars, after all, still valuable, is also my private space, let a stranger drive, I feel weird. "Driving Bora car, Mr Ng said.


drive Jetta JI said, himself a young woman, "wine future generations driving" teachers are male, it's too dangerous, there is no trust. Even if he can not open the car would turn to friends for help.

worried that disputes

Mr Wang believes that hard to deal with after a dispute. "I was drunk, even if accompanied by a friend, everyone dizzy, just in case something does anyone remember clearly. ”

unwilling to wait for

chauffeur company sent the driver to the designated place to find owners, usually guests arrive 40 minutes in advance. But most of the guests were drinking more than ready to go home and remembered the wine after progeny driving, anxious to go home to that most of the guests finally gave up waiting.

reason analysis

distrust of the driver   obstacles to business development

what is the General Manager, distrust of drivers are driving business one of the major reasons for the slow development. Rivalry in order to remove it, the company specially formulated a set of detailed management plans.

specifically, service driver agreement signed; uniform, wearing a uniform sign and so on. In personnel selection, drivers need to go through an interview, test drive, home visits, operating rules and procedures and ethics training qualifying for the induction procedures.

selection criteria for drivers: the Beijing people, between the ages of 35 and 50 years old, in Beijing has more than 8 years professional driving experience, skilled driving a variety of cars, does not meet the criteria will not be accepted.

"If a person is drinking, and cannot stay awake, so the driver is not the driver for you, in this case best accompanied by a sober Companion. If vomiting occurs when driving, drivers can do to help clean up. "The drivers master Liu said.

Mr Liu also said, every day from business point of view, come they Ioder people are not extensive. Because the driver is to provide 24-hour service, so car companies have no female drivers, which also have limits on the number of female customers.

rule summary

business volume decreased

business driving growth

judging from nearly three years of operation, what is the General Manager of "wine future generations drive" slow but promising business review for development. "Accept the alcohol drive the overall quality of staff for future generations are very high educational level are also very high. Drinking after the offspring are essentially business call riding, personal business is much less. ”

where to provide business records, for all of 2004 is 3270 orders, for 2005 as a whole is 2729, the order of the first 10 months of the year is 1894. Drunk driving business in General decreased slightly, but business chauffeur driver assignment operations have significantly increased in the short term.

the traffic control Department scrutiny period

chauffeur business volume rose

19 o'clock to 22 o'clock one day accept the customer booking the most times. Wine of the year offspring drive has 4 peak is new year's day, respectively, before the Spring Festival, and two "Golden Week" early.

HO, General Manager of analysis, and at the end of the holiday eve party more chance dinner drinking increased significantly. Business dinner frequently, refer the customer to give drivers enable customers to eat more offspring become the main components of driving customers.

June-August business was relatively stable in three years, mainly because of the summer night life more, stalls and night market or to the entertainment, bars chauffeur driven service over the winter.

in March as a work after the Spring Festival, the new year began, with the development of the work, socialize more, chauffeur and this will increase business.

Xinhua learned from the traffic control Department, in May 2004, April 2005, August 2005 and July 2006 is the time of concentration and control of drunk driving, chauffeur driver workload in four months than in the previous month.

legal gaps

become "unruly" zone

wine offspring driving services, related departments do not have the appropriate laws and regulations, specific to the driver the interests of the company and the customer, depend on contracts signed by the company and the customer service.

now insurance companies have not developed alcohol-driving-related risks for future generations, driver in the process of risk borne only by the driver the company for the time being.

price Department believes that for wine offspring drive prices of these special services, which also does not have administrative rights, the driver before the agreement can be regarded as customers and individual transactions between service providers, prices cannot be managed.

East District traffic team of police drink driving problems for future generations, said, as a law enforcement officer to be responsible for penalties for drunk drivers, providing wine offspring as to whether some people drive, has nothing to do with law enforcement. Drunk driver dispute occurred, nor in line with the business car (taxi, bus) method applied, it should be the jurisdiction of the police station.

best sample contract

Beijing Yue Cheng law firm Ma 珣 law believe that drink-driving is a typical contract, the driver shall have a duty to protect the reasonable limits of the service personal and property security.

recommended driver contract signed with the driver before drinking, if often the driver needs of drivers can choose their trusted chauffeur company signed a long-term contract. The contents of the agreement, are best handled by the traffic control department or instruction or sample issued by the relevant government authorities.

development prospects

increased business travel chauffeur

"to normal operation of the company will be constantly updated, in two years time, except wine offspring drive and the new business and chauffeur, long-distance driving new business. "What General Manager said," looking for large enterprises as partners to make ' descendants wine drive ' better development. ”

at present, the Ben AO an da company has partnered with Minsheng Bank, Pacific insurance company signed a number of large enterprise groups such as the driver Protocol. City of Quanjude, treat, South beauty 200 restaurants in the hotel also become Ben aoanda of drink-driving partner.

people eat at these hotels can get alcohol after driving services tips for future generations; Pacific insurance companies for your car insurance, you can get a free chauffeur services.


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