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Insurance company claims the withdrawal of nuts

"Has dragged on for almost a year, claims are exclusions still haven't a view. "Today, in the car rental business manager reflected to reporters, didn't wait until after the car lost claims, anbang insurance pulled out of Qingdao, Shandong branch, has dragged on for nearly a year now no results.

according to Qingdao first steam car rental company of King Manager introduced, last year November, they in Ann State insurance Shandong branch for himself company of a car red flag brand car voted has stolen Rob and car loss insurance, during voted has insurance Hou soon, the red flag brand car in foreign rental Shi was stole has, they reported has police Hou to Ann State insurance Shandong branch reflect has this thing. "This car is from Beijing capital auto rental car companies ' borrowing ', now they are also a very, very nasty. "Wang said.

"the claims or the refusal to give a view, cannot be dragged! "Wang told Xinhua, because at that time car rental customers find the car for several days, they reported to the insurance company to have more than the required 48 hours, but claims also said that Mr King will help implement it. Wang told reporters that he assured anbang insurance since the Shandong branch, the insurance company's staff kept telling him "and so on", the company pulled out of Qingdao, and in February this year, anbang insurance Qingdao branch was founded. "If the exclusions we can go to the prosecution, now the insurance companies do not after all want to claim exclusions, so has been dragged. "Wang told reporters, after anbang insurance Qingdao branch was founded, they ask each other for claims, but said that the vehicle claims-nothing to do with them, they are all independently owned, have to claim they have found have anbang insurance back to Jinan, Shandong branch. Wang anbang insurance began to contact Jinan Shandong branch, Jinan, but there also is "wait", and States say they have to report to head office, said the case is too big.

Wang told reporters on November 24 this year, they take the insurance was going to expire, can now claim is not a claim.

reporters contacted anbang insurance in Jinan, Shandong branch, staff answer the phone say they move now is busy not reply. When you contacted anbang insurance Qingdao branch, Zhang told Xinhua, Ampang in Jinan, Shandong branch of them are independently owned, but they can assist restores Shandong branch processing of insurance claims, and said that the insurance has exclusions actually, but there is no notice to the other party.


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