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Golden Dragon buses (30 seats)

Golden Dragon buses (30 seats)

Design: extreme beauty, not party, let you enjoy different

Interior Design: Germany specialized bus design companies design, rather than in China, warm and comfortable

Powertrain: offers a diverse selection, economical, reliable, environmentally friendly fuel

1, luxury Interior

2, Deluxe electric rear vision mirror

3, shock-absorbing high back adjustable seat

4,  optional ABS, automatic clearance adjusting arm, spinning rims, tubeless tyre


    1, daily rent for 24 hours, limit 200 km;    

    2, fuel expenses, traffic citation fees at their own expense.    

    3, 4 hours is calculated by half a day, over 4 hours by day.    

    4, holidays (51, plenary, Spring Festival) price is subject of the day.  

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