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Mercedes-Benz S600 Mercedes s-series of top model, it is equipped the new displacement is 5.8 l V12 engine.

    -new V12 engine in addition to traditional 60 degree cylinder angle, but its predecessor no similarities. Each cylinder is not a 4-valve, 3-valve, single overhead camshaft drive. And its emissions standards in line with D4. V12 luxury cars use a lot of unique to Mercedes-Benz standards of deeper technological innovation. The highlight of these technologies is a manual suspension system. The system in a very short period of time (in milliseconds) from the gear into normal driving condition, thereby significantly reducing body vibration. As a result of a manual suspension system, S600 models when it encounters a rough road conditions significantly reduced body shake, even in a high speed collision avoidance ensures the car safety. Meanwhile, equipped with manual suspension S600 limousine and any equipped with air suspension (ALRmatic) like the s-class models have enough suspension comfort.

     comfort of the Mercedes-Benz was legendary, S600 and other s-class models are different, it isn't air springs, but conventional coil springs. While utilizing ABC the active body control, which is exactly the same Mercedes-Benz CL600 Coupe. It at high speed through the corners, making you feel less body roll. At the time by poor roads, reducing body vibration to a minimum speed, perfect combination of comfort and mobility.

    S600 is loaded with many high-tech equipment, such as electronic stability program ESP. It is a anti-lock braking system, traction control and brake assist device in one of the active safety devices. On the curve can accurately control the brakes, control there was confidence.

    S600 Deluxe configuration than the other s-class models, automatic driving system with distance radar equipment, rear seating-individual air conditioning system, elegant leather seats and wooden decoration has become the standard configuration.   


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